Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The head is far ahead of the heart

If I sent you a story I wrote with you and I as characters, long-lost loves together for one last infinitely sad moment,

Would you understand that I’m not the love-lorn fool I sometimes seem to be?

If you knew that I still thought of us together at night when I’m alone,

Would you find me a creepy pervert, or just a guy who enjoyed being with you and remembers those good times?

If I told you that I still miss you a moment or two a day,

Would you see that I’m not trying to hold onto something that isn’t real anymore?

If I showed you that even though it was only a short time, you’d changed me in profound ways,

Would you know that I understand our reality and that we’re just friends for the best?

You can’t control how people see you

All you can do is be who you are

And hope that everyone sees the truth in your thoughts and deeds

Do you see my truth?


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