Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Coming from anyone else...

You know, even though I occasionally have fun at their expense, I find a lot of things wonderful about the French. I really do. I admire the hell out of their staunch stand as a secular society and who can bitch about their appreciation of food and wine? I even agree that Halloween is truly over-commercialized to the point of being comical...but...setting up an association to combat it? Come on, quit begging people to make fun of you.

Blog Post #100...just a little late is all

For several weeks I had GRAND plans for what to do with my 100th post, which led to procrastination, which led to other delays, which led to more procrastination and more delays...you get it...

So, here it is, just another post:

A real step toward male reproductive responsibility!

There's going to be a trial of a men's pill that doesn't involve female hormones. Now if they can just keep the study participants' heads from growing to the size of beach balls. Yes, I did mean the heads between their shoulders, sicko.

Miami Zoo Exibits Poop

This one's for you, sis.

Oh, S#!t. And we thought we had problems with anorexia before now.

Yes, calorie-restricted diets seem to prolong life. Sweet Jeebus, we're stuck with Naomi Campbell's skinny, grouchy, cel phone-throwing a$$ forever! Oh, the humanity.

I'm off to heat up my Lean Cuisine. Have a good one.