Friday, March 23, 2007

Finally, new hope for the Dems and a shot for Hillary

Thursday, March 22, 2007

And now for you today, because I love you, comedy

A special thank you to my good bud Blue Goose from the Chain Gang Forum for this, the most beautiful piece of guerrilla theater I have ever seen.

You know about 419 scams. You may not know that you do, but you do. They're the lovely e-mails you get from Nigerian business men down on their luck. They need your bank account number so they can transfer tons of money to your account and have you send them some. They want to buy your car and send you a check for ten thousand dollars over the amount hoping you'll send the extra back to them. How many of these e-mails have you received? I have received MANY. Including ten when I was selling the Impala via eBay (sniffle, sob).

So, to that end, there is now a growth of scambaiters. Those who, when receiving one of these e-mails retaliate. Not by replying FU, like I have been known to. But by seizing on the absolute desire of these scum for money and using it to make them into marionettes. If you'd like to watch them pull the strings and see how it's done, go to their website.

And now for all of you, especially the Monty Python fans among you, I give you without further ado...The Parrot Sketch.

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This will be the shortest, simplest post I'll probably ever make.

Our president has lied, coerced, bullied and otherwise made a mockery of our system of government too much and for too long. Write your senators and representatives and tell them it's time to impeach the president. If Clinton can get an impeachment vote for getting oral in the oval, Dubya should sure as hell get it for lying and obstructing justice.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bad Girls, Bad!

I'm pretty disgusted with the actions of the Delta Zeta sorority at DePauw, purging their members who were minorities or not classically thin and beautiful.

I'm MORE disgusted at their national chapter, here at Miami, for backing them up. As a greek myself, this is a perfect example of everything bad about the greek system and nothing good.

Good on DePauw for kicking those girls to the curb. I wish Miami would sanction the national chapter.

Discrimination is wrong. Period.

For those living in a cave: The story

EDIT: In the interest of fairness, I took a look at the sorority's web site. Their defense goes something like this "...Delta Zeta national leadership undertook the membership review and made decisions thereon based solely upon each woman�s [sic] commitment to Delta Zeta�s [sic] recruitment plans moving forward."

Yes, yes. Surely you're right. The women booted out surely just happened to be heavier than the rest and all the minority members. Happens all the time. Fatties and foreigners lack commitment. This is obviously a problem of perception and bad treatment in the press.


I would buy that story...if my IQ were that of the average fencepost.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More News I Couldn't Possibly Make Up

I wish I had cable if only to see Jon Stewart handle this one tonight. Follow this carefully, note the players and think about it for a second.

China is giving Japan a bunch of s#!t over their refusal to compensate WWII Comfort Women. "I believe the Japanese government should face up to this part of history, take responsibility, seriously view and properly handle this issue," Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing says.

What's next, Dubya giving a lecture on the importance of human rights?

The really sick part of this is the Japanese response, though. The Japanese are blaming private contractors used during WWII to round the women up. "it was not as though military police broke into peoples' homes and took them away like kidnappers," Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said.


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Monday, March 05, 2007

Strange News, Good News, Bad News

Headline: 420 Pound Woman Gives Birth, Shocked She Was Pregnant

Yeah, not half as shocked as I am, let me tell you. I mean, just the mechanics alone...sorry, sorry...hope you weren't eating.

Next item: I hereby nominate the entire editorial staff of the NYT for a Pulitzer, a Peace Prize and the award for best comeback of the year.

If you read ONE article this month. Make it this one.

I've been very upset about the death of the watchdogs of democracy. The press have become swill peddlers and nothing more. But, just this one editorial may make it all better. No matter WHAT your political stripes, I can't see you NOT being behind this. Please forward it to your friends, and more importantly, if you feel so inclined your congresspeople.

Now, the bad news: You might be cooking your sperm

And now back to the meaningless grind and the slow wait to get the verdict on grad school. HELL YES I'M NERVOUS. Like a sheep in Montana on Friday night, I tell you what.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Ignore this posts, it's just pic hosting.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

RIAA Asks College Students to Stop Illegal Downloading

With no sign of irony or humor, the Recording Industry Association of America sent letters to 13 universities this week asking students to stop downloading music illegally. The same day, universities received letters from MAYED asking students to stop drinking while underage, letters from the Partnerslip for a Drugg Frei Amurika asking kids to stop smoking pot and from parents groups asking them to curb frivolous sex, wear clean underwear and call their mothers once a week.

Are you shitting me?

This is your new strategy?

(sits the RIAA down)

Look, folks, the reason these kids aren't buying your product is because it sucks and it's overpriced. You haven't kept up with technology or culture. You're a dinosaur in the age of man. If you can't hack it, adapt. Begging and swatting at the humans with your tail isn't going to work. In fact, it's going to provoke them to make brontosaurus burgers out of your ancient, uncreative ass.